Strengthening the Community

Every project is different, and some look beyond our own fields and families to address specific needs of the community related to education, childcare, and public spaces.

people standing in front of a well

Bringing Water to an Elementary School

Although Sri Lanka is rich in rainfall and natural waterways, clean water access can be unreliable in rocky regions and around mining facilities where groundwater is contaminated. At the request of workers who live nearby, a well was built for the Ellawala Deheragoda Primary College, which is centrally located between 10 villages and provides education to over 400 students.

Creating Space at a Community Center

The Kanuggalla Village Community Hall is home to all sorts of resources, including public meeting spaces, food storage, welfare programs, and elderly care. It’s also where the local preschool operates. There just wasn’t enough room for everyone, so a retaining wall was constructed to create a safe, separate area for the children.

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